RoMON-Router Management Overlay Network

RoMON Features

Secure Layer2 access to MikroTik devices via:

  • – Physical connection
  • – Through a Layer2 tunnel

Discovery and Management of the Mikrotik devices via:

  • – Ping
  • – SSH
  • – Winbox

Discovery of RoMON devices over multiple hops

Tunnel Winbox connection to a remote location for

  • management of RoMON enabled devices at the remote location

RoMON connection

RoMON enabled devices establishes a independent MAC layer peer discovery and data forwarding protocol

RoMON network operates independent from L2 or L3 forwarding configuration

Communication is based on the RoMON ID which is taken from the first MAC address of the board

Supports only Wireless and Ethernet like interfaces

MikroTik Proprietary protocol

RoMON configuration

RoMON device ID can be changed

Secret – global passphrase for communicatinon to other RoMON devices

RoMON Ports

Interfaces on which RoMON can do communication
Different Cost Interfaces

  • – Same Cost used for TX/RX

Override Secret for Interfaces

RoMON using Winbox

  • Connect to RoMON enabled router using v3.x Winbox with IP or MAC address

RoMON using Winbox

  • Select the routers RoMON ID to connect to
  • RoMON Winbox Features
  • Using a RoMON enabled network device connection it is possible to connect to any RoMON enabled device which is reachable from the host device
  • Provides easy Winbox management withing remote networks like it would be a local network
  • Drag-and-drop supported to upload files to the remote RoMON device

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